Summary Target Sailing Regatta 2017

December 8, 2017 Photos

Summary TSR 2017 (25.10.- 28.10.2017)



The annual AYC Target Sailing Regatta started on Wednesday 25th October when guests arrived during the afternoon at Vodice. This year, the regatta fleet consisted of 11 yachts, all ready and prepared by the base staff for the regatta. We’ve had quite a history over the last 8 years, since the first regatta in 2009, which was really just an end of season party for business partners, friends and work colleagues.

We were very pleased to welcome back Dominic Candelori as our Regatta Host and Assistant Race Officer for another year and after a welcome drink and buffet at Hotel Punta on Wednesday evening, he introduced all the race teams and formally opened the Regatta. The following morning, at 9am, the skippers and crews had the Skipper’s Briefing, introduced by Race Officer Antonio Matić, which outlined the plans for the regatta ahead.

DAY 1: Thursday, 26th of October 2017

Antonio started with the daily weather forecast and then briefed the 10 skippers, reviewing the day’s regatta plans. The race start was planned for 12:00 o’clock, with all 10 competing yachts grouped in a single class. We planned, like in previous years, a normal start with a traditional starting line, with race progress to be tracked by RaceQs from start to finish. Additionally, the race route was printed out and provided for all the skippers with a full explanation of RaceQs and a reminder to start the app before starting the race. For any additional assistance, all AYC staff were on hand and available for any additional help before the fleet set out. After the briefing, Antonio, Dominic and the race committee headed out on the Committee Yacht and the Race RIB to prepare the start line and get ready for the first race.

The weather forecast for the first day was very light, from 0 to 10 knots of wind from the NW. The intention of the Race Officer was to firstly motor out to the northern point of Otok Kakan, then set a course heading west from there towards the Kornati islands, to take advantage of the stronger winds on the open sea. However, after setting the start line, the wind completely died and even after postponing the start time twice with the hope that the wind would come, it was obvious that there would be no wind at all for next hours, so the Race Officer decided to cancel the race. Having made that decision, the regatta fleet had the rest of the day for their own enjoyment. Some yachts headed off, motoring directly towards the Kornati islands, others came together, rafted up and had fun in the sun, enjoying the gorgeous weather and swimming. Also on the Race Officer’s yacht was our cameraman with his drone so there was ample opportunity for some beautiful videos and pictures.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the whole regatta fleet was instructed to meet again, all together at Konoba Opat. After arriving at Opat some of the crews walked up the hill to take advantage of the fantastic views over and from the Kornati Island, while others just relaxed with a refreshing drink on this warm sunny day in this beautiful place. In the evening the Konoba Opat restaurant served an excellent dinner, and later the Band “Macchiato” provided a great live acoustic concert, followed by partying and karaoke singing fun and dancing into the night…



DAY 2: Friday, 27th of October 2017

After breakfast, Antonio the Race Officer, started the skippers’ briefing at 10am at the Marina Opat. The weather forecast was unfortunately light winds again, only E 0-10 knots so he decided to start the race at 12:00 o’clock. Heading out earlier, the Committee yacht and RIB set the start line on time by 11:00 south of the island Vela Smokvica. A “figure of eight” race route was planned around the islands to be tracked by RaceQs and at 11:55am the starting procedure commenced. Race yacht Bavaria were penalized at the start because they used their engine to navigate an to advantageous position, arriving first at the starting line at 11:59am; therefore their penalty was to make a 360* turn around the committee yacht. All the other 9 yachts started without problems and penalties. After the race fleet had all successfully passed the start line, the race committee boat proceeded, motoring, alongside and overtaking the regatta fleet towards the finish line between Tijat and Logorun. However again, as with the day before, the wind unfortunately completely died while the race fleet was bypassing Čavlin island, therefore the race officer decided to end the race early.

Using his adjudication authority, the Race Officer then, on reviewing the RaceQs yacht tracks, was able to set an earlier finish line which all yachts had passed by while they had still had wind, so we were able to measure a successful race route. After the early race finish, all yachts motored back to Vodice around 4pm and had some free time, before heading to the Hotel Punta for the evening celebratory dinner, regatta results and prize giving ceremony. Over both regatta days, our regatta host and assistant race officer, Dominic Candelori, with our photographer, were able to speed around the fleet on the Race RIB, and even board some yachts in the calm weather, so we had a selection of some excellent photographs and also drone video footage of the two days which we were able to share during the evening as part of a slide show. As every year, the evening dinner at the Hotel Punta was superb and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Following the formal end of the regatta, most of the crews proceeded on to the “after-regatta” party at Café Centar, for partying into the night.

The overall standings of the regatta were:

Winner: Elan 431 “Taurus”

Second place: Elan 431 “Capricornus”

Third place: First 47.7. “First Class 2″


Skipper Type Finish time Duration
1. Tobias Studener Taurus 13:50:15 01:50:15
2. Gerald Franzl Capricornus 13:59:30 01:59:30
3. Hans Forstlechner First Class 2 14:01:10 02:01:10
4. Jens Röhrl Forus 14:05:40 02:05:40
5. Markus Niederhuber Merag 14:05:45 02:05:45
5. Alexander Wipplinger Scorpio 14:05:45 02:05:45
7. Vera Skala BSB 14:06:08 02:05:08
8. AYC Team Bavaria 14:36:30 02:36:30
9. Sergei Isakau Macchiato 14:37:50 02:37:50
10.  Aleksandr Iarygin AYC No result!



Congratulations to the winner! We hope all participants had much fun and a good time!

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We are looking forward to seeing you again…

Your AYC Team!


Antonio Matić

Race Officer

24th November 2017