About AYC

Come sail with AYC!

The AYC “All inclusive” Yacht Charter in Croatia offer, I am happy to say was still the best value for our clients in 2011. Our mission to provide a one stop, one price yacht in the Adriatic with no hidden costs is making AYC a market leader in the charter business.

As part of our full charter package, we have onboard a unique satellite monitoring system and a 24-hour help line for technical support, and for the next season all boats will come with WiFi internet access for laptops and smartphones.

The number of tourists in Croatia grew last year and most visitors agreed that the Dalmatian Islands were the highlight of their “must see” list.

With an amazing 5.835 km of coastline, 4.057 km which belong to the 1.185 islands, cliffs and reefs of which about only 50 are populated it’s a unique location.

Our guests and loyal clients keep us informed about what they enjoy and what we could do better, so in this year’s catalougue you will find our new charter base in Pula along with the 22 new to fleet boats on offer and the all new “Kids Sailoing Camp” for young sailors, and for rookies the AYC “Sailing Academy” makes our offer complete for all ages wanting to sail.

My warmest regards,

Frank Honan
managing director