Frequently asked bareboat charter questions

So how does it work?

A sailing holiday is really no different to any other land based holiday, except you're in an apartment that moves! Using the apartment analogy further, a yacht has a kitchen (galley), lounge (saloon) and separate bedrooms (cabins), as well as a balcony with guaranteed sea views and the perfect sunbathing platform (cockpit/deck).

The beauty of a sailing holiday is that you are able to visit so many different locations within your holiday, all the while enjoying the act of getting there. During your holiday you can have as many overnight stopover locations as you have nights, each with their own attractions and inevitable 'watering holes'.

You can purchase your own flights and charter a yacht only, or you can go the whole way and get us to organise everything. It's completely up to you.


What support do I get?

While on charter you have access to support whenever you need it. Doing a bareboat charter does not mean you are sent off without any support, it just means you are free to do what you like, when you like. The most common structure of support across our various areas is an emergency call out type structure, with different engineers available across different ports in the sailing area.

You also have 24/7 communication with the base and with us in the office via radio and / or mobile phone.


What skipper qualifications do I need to charter the yacht?

If you are not doing a skippered charter, the minimum standard is either a Day Skipper or an International Certificate of Competency. Croatian authorities also require a member of the crew to hold a VHF (Radio) Operators certificate. In each location officials need to see the original document before issuing the cruising permit. If you do not have these qualifications you can always take a skippered charter.


What time can we board the yacht?

The official time for your yacht being ready and available to board is 18:00h. Using the arrival information on your crew list we’ll endeavor to have the yacht ready upon your arrival. Please understand that this cannot be guaranteed as we need the time between charters to prepare the yacht for you. I bet you’d rather have a clean and ‘ship-shape’ yacht than having it an hour or two early covered in grime! You need to checkout from the yacht at 10:00h on the day of departure. The boat must be returned to the charter base with a full tank of fuel before 17.00h the day before Check Out to allow the inspection crew and diver to complete their work in the suitable working conditions. All damages and equipment failure must be reported during Check Out.

Failure to comply with this request will result in a charger for an independent divers report of 100,00 Euro.


What is my liability? What is the refundable security deposit?

As with the hiring of a car, we will require you to leave a credit card rubbing or online deposit at the base as security. The amount of the security represents the yacht insurance excess and will depend on the size and value of your yacht. It is 100% refundable as long as no damage is done to your yacht or other parties.

Examples of situations where you will be liable for costs would be:
- Specific damage to your yacht (breakages, blockages)
- Hitting the bottom, necessitating the need for a diver to check for damage to the keel etc
- Damage caused to sails or rigging as a result of negligence
- Any damage caused while consuming alcohol!

If your yacht is damaged by another vessel it is up to you to get information from those involved in the incident, including a declaration from a third party. You should not be liable for damage caused by another yacht as long as you are able to provide credible and thorough evidence. Breakages caused by normal wear and tear are not the responsibility of the client.

Parking of vehicles in the marina: AYC shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for any damages to vehicles parked in the parking spaces supplied from the marina. Neither will it be responsible for moving cars, nor shall it be held responsible for any damages caused as a result of the theft of the vehicles themselves or belongings inside the vehicles. If any damage happens please inform immediately our AYC office and also the marina personal. By using a video camera monitoring the parking area the marina personal might be able to help you.



Remember that transfers are extras to chartering a bareboat. We can arrange them for you but are always quoted separately as we pull these in from third parties. You can of course take care of the transfers yourself, so as to save some cash, but we can help you out wit these anyway.
Will someone show me the details of how the yacht’s systems work?

Once you have settled onboard a trained skipper will take you through the boat explaining how to use all of the yacht’s systems and machinery. Please take this time to ask any questions about the function of the vessel - the more you know, the easier your holiday will be.


What electrical supply will my yacht have?

Only some of our larger yachts (<50’) have permanent 220 volt AC power from a generator or inverter. At sea, the standard yacht has a 12 volt DC “cigarette lighter” outlet you can use; you can buy adapters for camera, phone and laptops from a store like Curry’s that will plug into this socket. Sorry ladies but no hair driers! Most marinas and taverns will have no problem in letting you use an outlet ashore to charge your phone. Remember your European 2-pin adapter!


How long is the transfer from the airport to the marina?

For most of our holidays the longest you will spend in a taxi or bus should be no more than forty minutes. If you have arranged a transfer with us but haveorganised your own flights/travel please remember to give us these details via our crew list so we can ensure our driver will be at the proper location on time to meet you.


Is fuel included? How much will the yacht use?

As for a hire car, you pay for only the fuel you use. You will have a full tank of diesel on departure and you are to return it full. All of our yachts have diesel main engines; it is unlikely that in one week on a 37' yacht you will burn more than 60 liters (about 100 Euros), but this depends on how much motoring you do, the size of the yacht and the sea state you encounter. This is a variable extra that you must pay. When filling the fuel tank, please ensure that you are using the correct filling point – diesel in the water tank is no fun!


Are bedding and towels provided?

All of our yachts come with sheets, duvets and pillows for all berths. Boat towels are generally provided on request but we recommend bringing one or more of your own. We especially recommend you bring a beach towel as boat towels are not usually usable outside the yacht. Changes of linen are provided for trips longer than one week.


How much are marina fees, town quay and anchoring fees?

These range from area to area and facility to facility. Commonly at a town pier in Croatia, expect to pay around 25 Euro per night. At a good marina it will be around 45 Euro per night. There are generally no charges for dropping anchor and coming ashore in your dinghy. In Turkey and Greece the mooring fees are minimal to none.

New regulation since 2009 for tourist-tax - to be payed at check-in (10,00HRK/day/person, children 50% less).


Is an outboard included? Do I need an outboard motor?

Yes an Out board is included with a dinghy and you may need them if you want to explore any remote island or beach. Whether you need one or not depends on the type of cruising you want to do. If you are interested in staying around ports and sea side villages then you probably do not need one. You will spend most evenings tied to a village pier or marina pontoon negating the need for a powered tender. If you are trying to get off the beaten track and are going to search out your own bays to anchor off the beach, then an outboard can be of use in making trips ashore that little bit less strenuous.


Can I get the boat provisioned before I arrive?

Yes, you can login to our on line supplies and order direct.



If you have any questions please feel free to call us, send an email or send the questions with the contact form!