Summary TSR 2016

Summary TSR 2016 (26.10.- 29.10.2016)

INTRODUCTION The annual AYC Target Sailing Regatta started on Wednesday 26th October as guests arrived during the afternoon at the Vodice, Croatia base. 25 boats had been prepared by the base staff for what was to be one of the windiest two days of sailing that this event has seen. We?ve had quite a history over the last 7 years, after the first regatta in 2009, which was really just an end of season party for business partners, friends and work colleagues. Now, in the 8th target regatta, for two days of casual sail racing and three nights of fun, the event has evolved with over 170 participants and 25 yachts, in three handicap classes. After a Welcome Drinks and Buffet at the Hotel Punta on the Wednesday evening, hosted by AYC Managing Director Frank Honan, where all the crews were introduced to each other, the following morning the sailors were summoned at 09:00hrs to the Skipper?s Briefing, introduced by Race Officer John Plumb.

DAY 1: Thursday, 27th of October 2016

John started with the daily weather forecast then briefed the other 24 skippers on his plans for the day. One race was to be sailed, starting at about 11:00hrs. Repeating the formula of the previous two years for this event, in addition to the unique target racing to defined navigation waypoints, were to be a traditional starting line and a handicap system so that the slower classes of boats could fairly compete with the faster boats. The 24 boats were divided into 3 fleets A, B and C so that only 8 or 9 boats would approach the start line at one time. After explaining the start line countdown and flag procedure, John left the skippers to complete their boat check-in and crew lists and complete their preparations for departure. John jumped onto the committee boat and headed for the starting area. The weather forecast was for 14-24 knots of wind from the NE, a bora. The intention of the Race Officer was to set a course starting in the bay outside Vodice marina and sail a passage across to the south Kornati islands. After about an hour trying to set a start line and watching the difficulties the competing boats were having, the Race Officer decided to abandon racing for the day and instructed the fleet to safely make their own way in the conditions to the rendezvous at Ravni Zakan.

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AYC fleet at Ravni Zakan

Most boats sailed directly to the destination, but Capricornus decided to follow the original course set for the abandonded race.

TSR Route 1st day
Route tracking 1st day (27.10.16)
DAY 2: Thursday, 28th of October 2016

Once again the skippers had to report to Race Control at 09:00hrs for a briefing from Race Officer John on the terrace of the restaurant at Ravni Zakan. The weather forecast was NE 14-30 knots, even windier than the previous day, but moderating in the afternoon. Race 1, starting at about 10:30 hrs would take advantage of the shelter from Otok Kornat, circumnavigating the islands of Skulj and Veli Garmenjak. Race 2, to start shortly after Race 1 finished, would be a passage race back to Vodice.

1. RACE The start procedure commenced for Fleet A for a 10:35 hrs start, with Fleets B and C starting at 10:50 hrs and 11:05 hrs respectively.  No sooner had Fleet C left the starting area than the committee boat had to prepare for Fleet A boats finishing!  After penalties were applied and times corrected for handicaps, Race 1 was won by Capricornus, followed by Big Strong Bird and Leo. Last boat to gain a finish was 14th place Arim 1. TSR Route 2nd day 1st race
Route tracking 2nd day, 1st race (28.10.16)

Within 15 minutes of the last boat finishing Race 1, the starting procedure for the second race began.  The passage home would take our fleets N of Skulj, S of O. Mrtovnjak, N of Kakan and Kaprije to the finish line N of Tijat, with a 30 minute bonus target if boats chose to round Pli? Mijoka. Some 17 boats crossed the start line, the remaining 7 boat skippers deciding that the conditions were too strong for their crews and opting to motor home.  As forecast, the wind did moderate as the race progressed but the mainly upwind course took the fleet between 2½ and 5 hours to complete.  Robert Opat skippering First 47.7 First Class 2 led the fleet to the finish line, followed by Big Strong Bird and Macchiato, showing that the day really was one for the big boats of Fleet C, who had started 30 minutes after Fleet A. Fleet A were led by Jurgen Meinhardt in Gabriela, 4th overall and Graeme Hood skippered Fleet B leader Capricornus into 5th place.  The rear of the 16 finishers was Balance 2, who finished just as the sun set.

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Yachts of class A & B tacking (half reefed sails were "standard procedure")

One boat, Sagitarius, had decided to go for the bonus target. He gained a 30 minute time bonus, but studying his race track on RaceQs, (not shown here) it is quite possible this detour actually cost him ? 35 minutes!

TSR Route 2nd day 2nd race
Route tracking 2nd race (28.10.16)
  Prizes were awarded at the Prize-giving dinner at Hotel Punta as follows: Overall and Fleet C winner: SO 50 DS Lux "Big Strong Bird" - winner of the B&O BeoPlay H6! 2nd Overall: First 47.7. "First Class 2" 3rd Overall and Fleet B winner: Elan 431 "Capricornus" Fleet A winner: SO 43DS "Gabriela" Fleet B runner up: Elan 431 "Leo" Fleet C third place: Bavaria 50 "Bavaria AYC" Bonus Prize: Elan 431 "Sagitarius" Winner of the B&O tombola: Mr. Armando Ferrauto (team "Vacanze Romane") - have fun with your B&O Form 2 headphones!! TSR Winner Overview

Congratulations to all winners! We hope all participants had much fun and a good time! If you are interested in a summary of pictures click here

We are looking forward to see you again, your AYC Team!

Don't forget: enlist for our  Vodice Cup 2017 and start your sailing season 2017 with another fun event!!

John Plumb 17th November 2016